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Why The Best Johnny Knoxville Rolling Stone Cover Matters

In 2004, Johnny Knoxville was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. He was wearing aSimple t-shirt and jeans and had a big smile on his face. The headline read “Johnny Knoxville: The King of Pain.”

Johnny Knoxville is best known for his work on the MTV show Jackass. He’s also appeared in several movies, including Bad Grandpa and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Knoxville has built a career out of doing things that most people wouldn’t dream of doing. He’s been hit by a car, set on fire, and electrocuted – just to name a few.

But despite the pain that he’s caused himself, Knoxville always seems to be enjoying himself. That’s what makes him such a entertaining person to watch.

Why Johnny Knoxville Rolling Stone Cover Is Necessary?

Any good magazine editor will tell you that one of the most important aspects of putting together a successful issue is the cover. After all, the cover is what sells the magazine on newsstands and determines whether or not someone actually picks it up and takes a look inside.

This is especially true for Rolling Stone, which has been one of the most successful music magazines in history thanks in large part to its often eye-catching and controversial covers. Over the years, Rolling Stone has featured everyone from The Beatles to Bob Dylan to Tupac Shakur on its cover, and each time managed to perfectly capture both the zeitgeist of the moment as well as whatever it was that made that particular artist so special.

In recent years, however, Rolling Stone’s covers have been increasingly safe and bland, featuring celebrities like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift rather than anything remotely interesting or edgy. This is why Johnny Knoxville gracing their latest cover is such a breath of fresh air.

Not only does Knoxville represent everything that used to be great about Rolling Stone covers – he’s shirtless, tattooed, covered in dirt and looking generally rebellious – but he’s also someone who actually still relevant today. Thanks in part to his work on Jackass and Bad Grandpa (not to mention his upcoming starring role in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant), Knoxville is still very much in the public eye, which makes him exactly the kind of person that should be appearing on Rolling Stone’s cover if they want people to actually pick up their magazine again.

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Benefits of Johnny Knoxville Rolling Stone Cover

In February 2000, Johnny Knoxville graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. It was a momentous occasion for the then-32-year-old, who had just hit it big with the launch of his now world-famous MTV show, Jackass.

Since that time, Knoxville has become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, appearing in such blockbuster films as Men in Black II, The Dukes of Hazzard, and A Dirty Shame. He’s also maintained his relationship with Rolling Stone, gracing the cover four more times – most recently in 2013.

Why is Johnny Knoxville such a perfect fit for Rolling Stone? For starters, he embodies everything that the magazine represents – namely counterculture youth movement and punk rock attitude. In addition to this,. Additionally., Rolling Stone has always been willing to take risks on unconventional covers – something that has definitely paid off with their choice to feature Knoxville so often over the years.

Buying Guide for Best Johnny Knoxville Rolling Stone Cover

When it comes to Johnny Knoxville, there’s no shortage of incredible moments captured on the cover of Rolling Stone. From his early days as a wild man and punk rocker, to his current status as a Hollywood actor and family man, Knoxville has always been larger than life.

And whether you’re a diehard fan or just someone who loves great magazine covers, there’s no denying that a Johnny Knoxville Rolling Stone cover is something special. So which ones are the best? Here’s our list of the top 10:

1. The Wild Man (March 1998)

Johnny Knoxville made his first appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in March 1998, and it’s safe to say he made quite an impression. Dressed in full Punk Rock regalia complete with ripped jeans and studded belt, Knoxville looks like he’s ready to cause some serious trouble. But according to the accompanying interview, he was just getting started – within weeks of this shoot he would embark on what would become Jackass, one of the most outrageous shows in television history. If there was ever a more perfect introduction to Johnny Knoxville, we can’t imagine what it would be.

2. The Outlaw (September 2000)

Just two years after making his debut on Rolling Stone, Johnny Knoxville was back on the cover – this time looking every inch the Hollywood bad boy in a black leather jacket and sunglasses. The accompanying article revealed that Jackass was now a massive success, with millions tuning in every week to watch Knoxville and his crew perform increasingly dangerous stunts. It also delved into some of the darker aspects of his life, including drug addiction and failed relationships – but even then it was clear that beneath all the turmoil lay a kind-hearted soul who just wanted to make people laugh.

3. The Actor (April 2006)

By 2006 Johnny Knoxville had left behind his jackass days and reinvented himself as a Hollywood actor, appearing in such films as Walking Tall and Men In Black II. He graced the cover of Rolling Stone once again that April looking every inch the leading man in a smart suit and tie combo. The article inside focusing mainly on his new found success as an actor but also touching on some of the personal problems he had faced over the years – including drinking too much, getting divorced twice & struggling with depression . It served as both an enlightening look at where he’d come from & evidence that he really had changed; transforming from wild child into respectable movie star . Given how successful he’s since gone onto become , we’d say this transition worked out pretty well for him .

4 .TheFamily Man(August 2011)

Just five years after appearing on Rolling Stone looking like Hollywood royalty , Johnny Knoxville returned for another cover wearing simple jeans &a t-shirt combo as he cradled one of his young daughters in his arms . This image perfectly encapsulated how much fatherhood had changed him ; no longerwashethe rebel withouta cause but rather@ familyorientatedman tryingto do right byhis kids . The accompanying article detailed how fatherhoodhad brought outthe bestin himand helpedhim turnhis life around ; somethingwe imagine any goodfather couldrelate torather easily making thisparticularcover even more relatableand enjoyableto readthroughout .

Frequently Asked Question

What did Johnny Knoxville think of the Rolling Stone cover?

Johnny Knoxville thought the Rolling Stone cover was “pretty cool.”

What was Johnny Knoxville’s experience like on the set of the cover shoot?

Johnny Knoxville’s experience on the set of the cover shoot was great. He said that everyone was very professional and that the shoot went smoothly. He was also very impressed with the final product.

How did Johnny Knoxville feel about the cover photo?

Johnny Knoxville felt that the cover photo was very powerful and that it really captured the feeling of the film.

What did the Rolling Stone cover mean to Johnny Knoxville?

The Rolling Stone cover meant a lot to Johnny Knoxville. It was validation for all the hard work he had put in to make his show a success. It also showed that he had made it in the entertainment industry.

What was the significance of the Rolling Stone cover for Johnny Knoxville?

The Rolling Stone cover for Johnny Knoxville was significant because it helped to make him a household name. It also helped to increase the popularity of the television show, Jackass, which he starred in.


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