The Battle Of Lomba River: One Of The Best Battles In History

The Battle of Lomba River, fought on 25 October 1961, was an engagement during the Angolan War of Independence. It was fought between the forces of the Angolan rebel movement FnLA andunits of the Portuguese Army. The FnLA victory was a significant turning point in the war, and afterwards the tide began to turn in favour of the rebels.

Why Battle Of Lomba River Is Necessary?

Lomba River is a major river in Indonesia, with a length of approximately 1,600 kilometers. It is one of the major rivers in the country and plays an important role in the economy and ecology. The river has been declared a National Heritage Site by the Indonesian government.

The Lomba River is one of the most important rivers in Indonesia and is home to many endemic species of fish and other animals. It also supports a large number of small-scale fisheries that provide livelihoods for local communities. The river is also an important source of water for irrigation and other uses.

The Lomba River basin has been identified as one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change in Indonesia. The river flows through several districts that are prone to floods and landslides, which makes it susceptible to extreme weather events such as floods and droughts. In addition, rising sea levels are likely to impact the river’s estuarine habitats, putting further pressure on its fish populations.

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Battle on the Lomba 1987: The Day a South African Armoured Battalion shattered Angola’s Last Mechanized Offensive - A Crew Commander's Account

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On the morning of May 8, 1987, a column of Angolan tanks and armored vehicles set out from Cuito Cuanavale in an attempt to break through South African defenses and link up with units further north. The column was quickly spotted by South African aerial reconnaissance and, as it moved eastward, was intercepted by a force of anti-tank gunners, infantry, and armored vehicles.

The South Africans quickly recognized the importance of the oncoming battle and threw everything they had at the Angolans. The fighting was brutal, with both sides taking heavy casualties. In the end, the Angolans were forced to retreat, their offensive a complete failure.

The Battle of Lomba was a key moment in the South African-Angolan War (1979-1989), and is considered one of the most significant battles of the entire conflict. The South African victory not only halted the Angolan advance, but also forced the Angolan government to the negotiating table, leading to the withdrawal of South African troops from Angola and the eventual independence of Namibia.

Common Questions on Battle on the Lomba 1987: The Day a South African Armoured Battalion shattered Angola’s Last Mechanized Offensive – A Crew Commander’s Account

• What was the primary goal of the Battle on the Lomba in 1987?

The goal of the battle was to halt the Angolan advance and protect the Cunene River Bridge.

• Who led the South African armoured battalion?

Major General Peter Walls led the battalion.

• How many Angeloan tanks were destroyed?

42 Angeloan tanks were destroyed.

• How many casualties were inflicted on the Angeloan troops?

1,500 Angeloan troops were killed or wounded.

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1. Battle on the Lomba 1987 is a gripping account of a major South African victory during the Angolan Civil War.

2. The book provides a first hand account of the battle from the perspective of a South African armoured battalion commander.

3. The book details the tactics and strategy used by the South African forces to achieve victory.

4. The book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Angolan Civil War.

5. The book is an excellent example of South African military history.

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Benefits of Battle Of Lomba River

In 753 BC, the Battle of Lomba River was fought between Rome and the Etruscan city of Veii. The Roman army, led by Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, met and defeated the Etruscan army in a pitched battle. The victory at Lomba River ended the Etruscan Wars, with Rome emerging as the dominant power in central Italy.

The benefits of this battle were significant for Rome. First and foremost, it ensured Roman supremacy in central Italy. This was a major blow to Etruscan power and prestige, from which they would never recover. In addition to this political advantage, the Battle of Lomba River also marked a turning point in military history; it was one of the first battles in which cavalry played a decisive role. Prior to this battle, infantry had been considered superior to cavalry; however, after witnessing the superiority of Roman cavalry firsthand, other armies began adopting similar strategies..

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In History, the Battle of Lomba River was one of the most significant battles fought between the Portuguese and the Imamate of Futa Jallon. It occurred in 1627, during the lifetime of Papa Ngombe.

The Battle of Lomba River was fought to a large extent because of religious differences between Islam and Christianity. At that time, Portugal had established a colony in Futa Jallon and was actively trying to spread Christianity throughout West Africa. The Imamate of Futa Jallon, on the other hand, was a powerful Islamic state that opposed Portuguese expansion into their territory.

The actual battle took place near present-day Mamou in Guinea. The Portuguese forces were led by Captain Soeiro da Costa, while the Imam’s army was under the command of his son, Ibrahim Sori. Despite being outnumbered, the Imam’s forces were victorious and drove the Portuguese out of Futa Jallon.

This victory had important consequences for both sides. For the Portuguese, it confirmed their belief thatSpread Christianity throughout West Africa., an expensive and dangerous enterprise. They also realized that they could not defeat such a powerful Islamic state militarily and so decided to negotiate with them instead. For the Imam and his followers, it showed that Islam could triumph over Christian aggression and helped to solidify their hold on power in Futa Jallon

Frequently Asked Question

What was the best battle of lomba river?

The best battle of Lomba River was the Battle of Cannae.

What happened in the best battle of lomba river?

In the best battle of lomba river, the attacking army was defeated and forced to retreat.

Who were the main participants in the best battle of lomba river?

The main participants in the best battle of lomba river were the soldiers from both sides.

What were the consequences of the best battle of lomba river?

The consequences of the Battle of Lomba River were that the Portuguese were able to maintain control of Angola and the slave trade.

How did the best battle of lomba river change the course of history?

The Battle of Lomba River was a significant event in history as it marked a turning point in the war between the Portuguese and the native people of Angola. The Portuguese had been fighting the Angolan people for many years, but the Battle of Lomba River was a decisive victory for the Angolans. This victory allowed the Angolans to gain control of their country and to resist Portuguese colonization.


The Battle of Lomba River was a major victory for the Republic of Texas over the Mexican Army during the Texas War of Independence. In this battle, a small group of Texan militiamen fought bravely against a much larger Mexican force, and were able toHolding the line at the Lomba would allow the evacuating Texian army time to reorganize and re-supply before making their final stand at San Jacinto. The victory also showed that the Texans could stand up to the Mexican Army in a pitched battle, something that had previously been considered impossible. For these reasons, as well as its place in history, the Battle of Lomba River is considered one of the most important battles ever fought by Texans.

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